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St. Joseph Church

Amherst St. Joseph 2

St. Joseph Church 200 St. Joseph Drive Amherst, OH  44001 440-988-2848   By the beginning of the American Civil War, the small hamlet of Plato, in Amherst Township, had attracted a significant number of German immigrants, with jobs in the area’s sandstone quarries. In 1864, the community began receiving regular visits from Father Louis Molon, who…

Park Avenue United Methodist Church

Amherst Park Avenue UMC

Park Avenue United Methodist Church 396 Park Ave. Amherst, OH  44001 440-988-8330   Originally known as the Amherst Methodist Episcopal Church, the  Amherst Park Avenue United Methodist Church is the oldest congregation in Amherst, Ohio. Founded in 1831, the first church structure was known as the  Sholes Meeting House on the corner of Park Avenue…

Old Stone United Methodist Church

Old Stone United Methodist Church

Old Stone United Methodist Church 553 South Main St. Amherst, OH  44001 440-988-9001   In the early days of the pioneers, missionary circuit riders were one of the only ways for the faithful to have worship. A missionary circuit riding preacher  named John Lutz organized the Lake Circuit of which North Amherst was a part…

Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Amherst Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church 9457 Baumhart Rd. Amherst, OH  44001 440-988-4332   Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church was established in Lorain, Ohio, renting space on Fleming Avenue from the Freewill Baptist Church in 1972. The congregation then bought land and planned their move out to the Henrietta area of Lorain County. The present church…

Heritage Presbyterian Church

Northminster Presbyterian (formerly Heritage)

Heritage Presbyterian Church, Amherst 515 North Leavitt Rd Amherst, OH  44001 440-988-9409   Heritage Presbyterian Church was formed in 1999 as a result of the merger of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Amherst, and Northminster Presbyterian Church in Lorain. In 2004 a church expansion and renovation project was begun. The sanctuary was expanded to seat about…

Green Pastures Baptist Church

Amherst Green Pastures Baptist Church

Green Pastures Baptist Church 111 South Lake Ave Amherst, OH  44001 734-624-9553   Green Pastures Baptist Church started a push to attract more youth to the church in 2008. They have an active music worship and welcome all comers to their church. Green Pastures Baptist Church has no dress code required, instead asking all to come…

Great Lakes Church

501 Lincoln Street Amherst, OH  44001 440-988-8000   Great Lakes Church (GLC) was established by a small group of believers on March 30th, 2008. Since then, the church has grown by word-of-mouth invitation. According to GLC, the congregation is composed of “people in Amherst and surrounding communities looking for a Christian church where God…

Good Shepherd Baptist Church

Amherst Good Shepherd Baptist Church

Good Shepherd Baptist Church 1100 Cleveland Ave. Amherst, OH  44001 440-988-4506   The congregation of Good Shepherd Baptist Church originated in 1960 with big tent meetings. The church, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist church, began constructing a new church building in 1971. Expansions were made to the building in 1992-93, when more classrooms…

Everspring Missionary Baptist Church

Amherst Everspring Missionary Baptist Church

Everspring Missionary Baptist Church 49536 Middle Ridge Road Amherst, OH  44001 440-988-9609   Everspring Missionary Baptist Church is a church, affiliated with the Missionary Baptists, that is established in Amherst, Ohio.

Family Fellowship Foursquare Gospel Church

Amherst Family Fellowship Foursquare Church

Family Fellowship Foursquare Gospel Church 780 Cooper Foster Park Road Amherst, OH  44001 440-988-2867  In 1934 a group of Christians came from Lorain, OH, with two women evangelists: Ida Mae and Clarris DeVries. Their goal was to conduct street meetings in Amherst. The people of Amherst showed great interest, and soon attendance grew until…